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Datasava are proud to supply a simple, secure online
data backup service.

Instant access to the data backup. Go online and restore the data should the unthinkable happen. We offer a 15 day free trial to see if this is the right backup solution for you. Be safe in the knowledge that there is always a secure backup of the backed up files online and the data backup will be easily recovered. Our online backup gives you levels of protection only afforded to large enterprises. Click here to begin a free trial of our hassle-free online data backup service.

We are confident that you will be more than satisfied with the backup product after a free trial that you will subscribe to the ful online backup service. Be safe in the knowledge and have peace of mind in the fact that you will have a replica of the information safely stored in a data centre - accessible at all times.

Secure Online Backup for the UK

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Ethical Hacking

Would you know if your home or office computer systems have sufficient security measures in place to prevent it from being exposed and exploited for online fraud, data theft or network piggybacking?

Allow us to help keep your data safe whilst online. Do not leave yourself open to crimes such as Identity theft or fraud.

Computer crime is a real threat to anyone who has a computer connected to the internet. If adequate precautions are not taken and sufficient security measures are in place there is a risk of compromising any personal information on the home or office PC. It doesn't matter if it's a large business, a home office for personal use - it is essential to have security measures installed and up to date.

Our Certified Ethical Hacking consultants are on hand to help.

The C|EH certification is governed by the EC-Council.

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Datasava offer tailor made IT services and solutions.

We provide Information Security and Contingency solutions to the home and office. Whether it's installing or advising on best practice for Anti Virus Software and Firewall applications to assisting in choosing an online backup solution to keep crucial information safe. Datasava also offer data recovery solutions to assist you in cases such as hard drive failure.

Have confidence whilst connected as we offer market leading solutions for online security and peace of mind.

Please contact us for information on a Secure online Data Backup service, Antivirus and Firewall installations or Data recovery.


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security news
Networking Sites could help hackers: Professional networking sites are unwittingly providing hackers with the possible means to carry our sophisticated social engineering says UK security consultancy. (source The Register)


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